Marketing strategies that deliver results

If you aren’t currently where you want to be in terms of sales and growth, it’s likely you’re taking the wrong approach when it comes to your marketing.

Forget what other agencies may have promised and failed to deliver,  I’ll cut straight to the chase, implementing cutting edge techniques that give you the results you need.

Using targeted strategies, and solutions that integrate across all your platforms,  I’ll power boost your reach so you see a continuous stream of new customers and highly engaged followers.

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    Why exactly do you need me?


    Strategic digital marketing planning and research

    If you’re not currently where you want to be, it’s clear there’s a problem with your digital approach. I’ll carefully research your brand and assess your strategy to identify any issues. Then I’ll outline the way forward offering up a comprehensive blueprint you can easily implement, with my help.


    Superboost your page speed

    Is your website optimised for viewing on a mobile device? Browsers these days have short attention spans and will click off if they have to wait too long. With over 77% of websites taking more than 10 seconds to load, there’s a significant chance your brand could be losing out due to slow page load. I’ll help you optimise your pages so they load quickly ensuring you never lose another customer due to lag.


    Cutting edge link acquisition that will turbocharge your search ranking

    When it comes to increasing the number and quality of inbound links it’s vital you’re using the latest methods and are not relying on out of date strategies. With my help, you’ll boost your search engine rankings with the kind of links the major search engines priorities. My process is transparent, with screens of routes fully customizable, making them ideal for use in your commercial projects.


    Content marketing that attracts new clients

    Content is king and is the key to visitor engagement, retainment and conversion. Having the right content establishes you as an authority in your niche and helps retain browsers on your platforms. To properly benefit your brand, your content needs to be relevant, targeted, and interesting, not just bland filler, and this is where I come in.


    Targeted local marketing

    If you want to grow, your base is where you want to start in order to lay the right foundations. Are you getting the most out of the area you’re based in? Maximise your local placement by successfully using outreach to connect with customers on your doorstep. I’ll help you define your presence no matter where you are based, ensuring you build a solid reputation in your local area.


    Optimise your conversion rate

    People fixate on getting high traffic but getting targeted quality traffic is just as, if not more important if you want to boost sales, sign ups, and enquiries. I’ll help you to hone in and attract the right kind of traffic, interested potential customers who want what you have to offer!


    Viral video marketing that grabs all the attention

    Video marketing is the fastest way to get your brand seen so it’s crucial you get in on the action. Research has proved people are more likely to engage, comment or share video, but having great content doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget. Investing in this area will pay you back in dividends, by helping you spread your message to a wider audience and attract customers through new platforms.


    Savvy digital PR that gets all eyes on your brand

    When it comes to PR you need a clear consistent strategy that takes into account your brand values and target demographic. Then you need an expert who can put it all into practice focusing on your niche market sector to earn you maximum visibility online. I’ll help you boost your digital presence with a powerfully effective plan that will get your brand featured in all the right places.


    Consistent and thorough website maintenance

    Keeping your website smoothly running is crucial if you want to make the most of every visitor and build a reputation for rock-solid reliability. I’ll help keep your brand rep scrupulous by performing thorough maintenance that helps you stay on-top of CMS & eCommerce updates and server requirements.


    Organic search that works over time to boost your brand

    When it comes to search, to stay ahead of the game you need to be continually making the right changes and tweaks. It can be hard to stay on top of this as search engines are constantly altering how they index and rank, but with my professional expertise you’ll always stay one step ahead.


    Watertight website security

    A critical factor in securing customer trust, you must ensure your website and eCommerce platform is primed for secure transactions and data processing. I’ll secure your website and databases to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could leave your payments or precious data open to exploitation, theft, or malicious code.


    Ramp up eCommerce to encourage sales

    Making your sales platform slick and easy-to-navigate isn’t difficult if you know how to do it right. I’ll help you get your eCommerce up and running in just minutes with simple instructions and expert guidance that will make selling your products a cinch.

    Hire me as your digital marketing consultant and I'll totally transform your digital presence

    Your digital presence will be the number one factor that determines your brand’s eventual success or failure and in today’s fast-paced constantly shifting environment, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. Using my expertise, I’ll complete a comprehensive assessment of your digital strategy, then I’ll overhaul and tweak it so it starts working for you. Don’t stay stuck, with brand growth stagnating, leverage all your digital assets and use them to start winning more leads and sales.

    3 simple steps to your ultimate digital marketing success


    1) Your Initial Consultation

    An in-depth initial call where we’ll discuss your requirements and goals, followed by a comprehensive assessment of your brand and current digital strategy. I’ll take into account your available marketing budget and sales targets, then create a workable plan you can easily begin to incorporate to start rapidly building growth.


    2) Forensic digital marketing audit

    I’ll take a thorough look at your existing digital campaigns and strategies and will analyse your performance to identify the weak spots that are stalling growth. Then, I’ll lay out a clear plan of action highlighting the critical changes you need to make to prime your brand for success. I’ll be there every step of the way to help you implement my plan and will work with you to produce easily actionable KPI’s and build better connections with your customers.

    3) Comprehensive digital marketing management

    Hire me and I’ll immediately start working on your behalf to boost growth and attract new custom. With my digital marketing expertise every aspect of your strategy is sorted. I’ll take the pressure off so you can focus on what really matters – the day to day running of your business.


    Over ten years experience.

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