Growing your small business isn’t easy. Building an audience of potential partners and clients is essential to growth, but can be a daunting task. Luckily, LinkedIn is a simple and powerful tool that can help you to grow your network.

Why use LinkedIn for your business?
If you’re feeling relucant about taking the plunge into LinkedIn, consider this:

  • More than 645 million people use LinkedIn
  • 50% of B2B web traffic originating from social media comes from LinkedIn
  • 91% of executives rate LinkedIn as their first choice for industry content.
  • 4 Ways small businesses can use LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is more than just a social media platform – you can use it to accomplish your business goals by doing some of the following.

1. Position your company as an expert by sharing and publishing content

Company content has a better chance of being seen on LinkedIn than Facebook. More and more businesses are using LinkedIn as a way to create professional connections.

2. Showcase your products, events, and services

Catch the eye of prospective customers with a cross-section of what your business has to offer. For example, an image gallery of your latest project can hep showcase your expertise and drive links to your website.

3. Use as a knowledge-base

There are targeted discussion groups on LinkedIn for almost every industry niche imaginable. Here people seek support and give answers, giving you the opportunity to speak to or be an expert in your field.

4. Use to attract and recruit talent

By showcasing the talent and products that distinguish your company, you can attract new applicants to your brand. This then allows you to talk directly to potential new hires.

10 Types of posts you should share on LinkedIn page

Sharing content is vital to increasing your presence on LinkedIn – but not all content is created equal.

1. Articles from your company blog

You’re establishing your business as an expert on related topics, as well as driving prospects into your website’s sales funnel.

2. In-depth, how-to and list-style posts

Recent studies show this style of post receives the most attention from viewers on LinkedIn

3. Company wins and milestones

Not only does it show others that your business is sccessful, but it also creates an opportunity to show gratitude as well.

4. Industry news and research

As a B2B platform, LinkedIn users are actively looking for content related to their industry. Sharing industry news and research helps establish your company as a thought leader.

5. Post highlighting your team members

Seeing the talented, capable individuals that make up your business provides a freindly face to other LinkedIn users.

6. LinkedIn video

Showcasing your brand in action with brief (1-2 minutes long) videos that focus on what makes your business unique.

7. Custom images

Adding custom images typically results in double the comments for your post. Always make sure your post has some visual element.

8. Powerpoints and PDF

Presenting data in a visually rich format will help engage viewers and capture their attention.

9. Reshare your business’s best @mentions

Presenting your favourable mentions shows that others are engaging with your brand and highlights what they love about it.

10. Posts that spark conversation

Make it easy for your audience to engage in conversation by posting thought-provoking questions or contests.

Pro Tip

Use the 3-2-1 model. Every week, aim to publish three pieces of industry-related content, two pieces of “proud” content (content that makes your employees and community feel good), and just one piece of product or service-related content.

How to grow your followers
Growing your influence and number on LinkedIn followers is vital to the visibility of your business. Here’s how to keep those numbers in the black.

  • Ask your employees to add your page to their current work experience.
  • Add the “follow company plugin” to your website
  • Add a page link to to your email signature.
  • Mention influencers and companies you admire in page updates
  • Invite your personal connections to follow your page
  • Use topical hashtags in your posts
  • Be consistent. Post content once a day.
  • Use page analytics to adjust your strategy.
  • By following these tips and tricks, you should have no trouble creating a successful LinkedIn page for your small business. So – what are you waiting for?

Infographic by Headway Capital.

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