Brian Martin - Marketing Manager

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Brian Martin
Marketing Manager
Aspiring Photographer
Award-Winning Content Creator
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About Brian

Meet your marketing manager

If you’re looking to expand your customer reach and build growth, or feel your current marketing strategy isn’t performing, hire me and I’ll turn things around.  With years of experience gathered from working with a range of industries and niche market sectors, I have the expertise you need if you want to attract more clients.

Strategic marketing management

Are you a marketing director or stakeholder, or have you been tasked with the responsibility of your company’s marketing but are currently struggling to achieve your targets?

Maybe you’re a sole trader, small business, or start-up and are floundering as you try and take on all the responsibility for marketing yourself?

Working as your in-house, remote, marketing manager, I will complement your business by strategically advancing your brand ambitions.  I will create a clear, workable marketing plan that moves you forwards, after thorough consultation with you to ascertain your precise requirements.

My marketing strategies are offered as an extension of your business as I will fully integrate my approach into your existing marketing strategy.  Alternatively, if you just want advice or my strategic help on a particular area, I can provide assistance on specific aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Hire me for help with your one-off projects

Is there an aspect of your marketing you need support with, or do you infrequently require help with your marketing?  Whether you require assistance for a marketing audit, want smart analysis integration, or need an effective promotional strategy for an upcoming event or product launch, I’m available to work on an ad-hoc basis to support your digital marketing campaign.

Career Highlights

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Over 10 years practical experience

With over ten years experience working in marketing and sales under my belt, I have the expertise you need when it comes to planning and actioning workable, cost-effective digital marketing strategies and marketing reviews.   I offer my remote marketing management offering to brands throughout the UK work as a budget friendly alternative to retaining permanent staff on the payroll.

I have in-depth marketing knowledge of a wide variety of industries with a recent focus on the mobile leisure, automotive dealerships, trade, travel and tourism sector.

Whether you’re a large brand with many franchises, or an independent family-owned business, my services are the perfect alternative if you’re struggling to find the time or resources to manage your marketing needs in-house.

A little more about me…

Currently based in Manchester, UK, my previous job titles have included; head of marketing and communications, marketing manager, marketing and sales manager, and digital marketing manager for multiple national brands.

Focusing on video on my own personal blog, as this is the fastest growing sector, I have experience in all types of marketing, including graphics, website copy, radio, podcasting, social media strategy and more.

When I’m not working I’m a huge fan of travelling and have enjoyed many cruises and trips to different countries and cities.  My favourite place in the world is Monaco, followed closely by beautiful Barcelona and Tuscany.

I podcast about mobile leisure, and my episodes taks a deep dive into all aspects of motorhomes, caravans, and static homes. This is both a personal passion and particular interest of mine, and I visit and attending several international shows covering this sector.

Would you like to discuss a way forward for your businesses digital marketing strategy? Maybe you work in the mobile lesiure, automotive, or travel sectors and would like my niche industry expertise and advice?

Whatever your needs, get in touch with me on 07951703111 or drop me a line and let’s talk.  I’ll help you work out a solution so you can get where you want to be.

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