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I’m starting a leisure podcast!

March 24, 2019

As I start my new blog, I’m also starting a Podcast in the leisure niche. Find out why

As Podcasting grows fast year on year, I have wanted to explore Podcasting myself for many years and the opportunity arose when I found a gap in a niche, the leisure niche, but more specifically motorhome and caravanning, something I have a huge interest in!
It was further cemented when, lost in Bristol, myself and my boss stopped someone to ask for directions and he said “Let me just pause this podcast!” I didn’t even hear the directions! I was to gassed to ask my boss whether he had heard what the guy said having only spoken about starting a podcast 30 minutes before hand! Podcasting has become very popular.
It turns out you don’t need to be technical or invest hundreds in starting a podcast, either! I have the technical side and suppose I could find a few hundred to start but I don’t want my Podcast to be heavily technical nor do I want to set-up in a studio, for the niche I’ve chosen, my Podcast will also be a vLogging opportunity as I explore the new ranges of motorhomes and caravans on display as well as an opportunity to meet industry insiders in their own offices, motorhomes and caravans! It will be mixed format Podcast of interviews and interesting news stories and round-ups.
One of the biggest issues I have with blogging in the digital marketing landscape, is coming up with fresh ideas that haven’t already been written about! I also don’t have time to do this with my day-to-day career and active interests in photography and travelling! If you’d like to know how to start a Podcast, read more here. A Podcast in a niche with very little to no Podcasts is the perfect opportunity to build my personal brand around something I love, leisure as well as the opportunity to travel.
My Podcast is called “Under the Awnings” and I’ll blog about episodes and how I’m doing on this blog! The first episode is due before the end of April. There is a fun little competition I have, be the first to subscribe and listen and automatically get entered into a prize draw to win.
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