QuickTip1: Audio & Video marketing on a tight budget

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QuickTip1: Audio & Video marketing on a tight budget

  • Posted by: Brian M

Quick Tip #1. If you’re on a tight budget, like many businesses are and looking for audio and visual marketing help. Look no further than the Envato market. Which month they release a resource from each of their marketplaces; Themeforest, CodeCanyon, Videohive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, Phonedune, and 3DOcean.

Download their resources on a monthly basis to build up a database of free resources. I personally both purchase and download their free resources. Theses resources can then be integrated into your product, rather you’re looking for a sound as part of your sonic branding or an intro for your video marketing.

ThemeForest – Discover and find your next premium WordPress theme, with literally thousands of themes across multiple industries, many of your favourite websites including this one was purchased on ThemeForest.

CodeCanyon – Over half a million plugins, snippets, scripts and more. Save time by purchasing the code you need on CodeCanyon.
VideoHive – Kickstart your video marketing strategy with stock footage, video effects, and templates from VideoHive.
AudioJungle – My favourite place to purchase royalty free, premium tracks and audio tracks. Much of the videos and audio I produce for all my projects originate from AudioJungle.
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