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My flexible, customisable service offering...

If you’re looking to build sustainable growth or tap into new market sectors, you’ll find my 10+ years digital marketing experience means I’m well placed to help. I can offer in-depth insight across multiple marketing disciplines, including social media, podcasting, video, and graphic design, and am also able to advise on overarching strategy and approach.

I know hiring a full-time digital marketing manager can be costly, which is why I’ve created my service offering with a pricing solution to suit all budgets.  Now you can benefit from my years of marketing expertise, in the areas you need help most.

My service exists so you can trim the fat off your budget and slash excess spend on your marketing. By investing only where your business really needs to, in ventures that actually win you new business, I’ll make your profits go much further.

Even if your marketing budget is limited, this shouldn’t prevent you from planning and implementing an effective digital marketing strategy that pushes your business forwards.

Many business owners think they can handle their marketing themselves, only to quickly become swamped and feel overwhelmed. On top of this, the drain on your resources means precious time and energy is taken from the vital day to day running of your business.

My cost-effective service means you don’t have to struggle, or feel stuck wondering what to do next, nor will you have to retain a full-time marketing strategist on your payroll. I’m here to help only when and where you need me.

Investing in your digital marketing is more important than ever as commerce becomes more competitive and the focus shifts to online business. Couple this with the crucial role social media, and reviews play in your brand reputation and the continuous changes made to the Google algorithm that affect your businesses discoverability, and it’s clear you’ll need expert help if you want your business to thrive long-term.

That’s where a digital marketing manager like me comes in.  I’ll refine, boost and strategically optimise your digital presence to ensure consumers find your product or service and develop a positive impression of your brand.

Working with you and your team to integrate my solutions into your existing digital strategy, or starting from scratch if you don’t currently have much of an approach in place, I’ll handle all aspects of your digital marketing, from planning to implementation.

However, if you prefer to focus on a particular area of concern, I can refine my approach to help your brand improve in these key areas.  Equally, if you just want comprehensive, unbiased analysis on your marketing activities paired with innovative ideas that will boost your current digital presence, I can offer a thorough audit and workable strategy that you can then take away and implement.

Whatever you need, get in touch, and together we’ll find a solution that works for you.

I’m results orientated, and my working process is completely transparent, so you’ll always be able to see where I’m making a difference.

I’m well aware you’re hiring me to make positive, impactful and necessary changes so you can maximise the resources you have effectively.  That’s why throughout our partnership, all work will be tracked to ensure key performance indicators are met and the changes you want are being implemented.

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    How I can help

    I can help your brand with…

    • Search Engine Optimisation – get your business seen.
    • Pay Per Click Management – make your PPC spend work for you.
    • Social Media Marketing – ensure best use of your ad budget and build buzz.
    • E-Mail Marketing – targeted campaigns that convert.
    • Digital PR – boost your brand presence and get people talking.
    • Content Marketing – attract new customers with engaging viral content.
    • Local Marketing – tap into your local market.
    • Event Marketing – generate excitement ahead of your event or launch.

    Other ways I can help

    Other ways I can help

    • Web Development – refine and optimise your platform.
    • Photography – promote your brand or product with engaging visual content.
    • Video Editing – polish your video content for a professional look and feel.
    • Sales – achieve targets and boost your conversions.
    • Audio – reach new market sectors with targeted podcasting and radio segments.

    I’ve taken care to create and offering a service to suit all budgets, so you can tailor your marketing expenditure to fit your financial situation.  My pricing largely depends on how much of my time will be required, how deeply I need to dive into your business, and whether you need my assistance only in the short-term or continually, over a long-term period.  You’ll find that no matter how much time you need, my experience, and expertise will cost a lot less than hiring a full-time marketing manager or outsourcing to an agency.

    No, not if you don’t want or require one. If you need a long-term agreement, I will offer discounted rates so you can access my expertise at an affordable price point. But if you want to hire me on a one-off basis I offer options with no minimum term, and am also available for ad hoc contract work on a temporary basis.

    When you hire me as your digital marketing manager, I implement all the ground work myself, including the planning and implementation of your overarching digital strategy. I will however work with professional graphic designers and copywriters where necessary, to ensure I provide the highest standard of content for your business, just like any in-house marketing manager would.

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