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I support businesses whose sales and growth are not meeting their goals. My outstanding record for legacy thinking and driving revenue-growing marketing strategies will bring swift, productive and positive outcomes to your marketing function.Delivering against your business objectives, I will get your business on track for successful growth and brand awareness.

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I will implement targeted marketing solutions that blend across your platforms and enhance your reach. By crafting a bespoke marketing campaign, your business will benefit from consistent customer growth and highly engaged audience.

Strategic digital marketing planning and research

If you’re not currently where you want to be, and it's clear there are issues with your marketing approach. I’ll carefully research your brand and assess your marketing strategy to identify any problems. Then I’ll outline the way forward offering up a comprehensive blueprint and marketing plan you can easily implement, with my marketing support.

Organic search that works over time to boost your brand

When it comes to organic search, to stay ahead of your competitiors you need to be continually making the right changes, tweaks and staying up-to-date with algorithm updates. It can be hard to stay on top of this as search engines are constantly altering how they index and rank, but with my professional expertise and insight you’ll always stay one step ahead.

Savvy digital PR that gets all eyes on your brand

When it comes to PR you need a clear consistent strategy that takes into account your brand values and target demographic. Then you need an expert who can put it all into practice focusing on your niche market sector to earn you maximum visibility online. I’ll help you boost your digital presence with a powerfully effective plan that will get your brand featured in all the right places.

Optimise your conversion rate

People fixate on getting high traffic but getting targeted quality traffic is just as, if not more important if you want to boost sales, sign ups, and enquiries. I’ll help you to hone in and attract the right kind of traffic, interested potential customers who want what you have to offer!

Content marketing that attracts new clients

Content is king and is the key to visitor engagement, retainment and conversion. Having the right content establishes you as an authority, thought leader and industry expert as well as retain browsers on your platforms. To properly position your brand, your communications strategy needs to be relevant, targeted, and interesting, not just bland filler, and this is where I come in.

Boost your page speed

Is your website optimised for viewing on a mobile device? Visitors to your website have short attention spans and will click off if they have to wait too long. With over 77% of websites taking more than 10 seconds to load, there’s a significant chance your brand could be losing out due to slow page load. I’ll help you optimise your pages so they load quickly ensuring you never lose another customer due to lag.

Watertight website security

A critical factor in securing customer trust, you must ensure your website and eCommerce platform is primed for secure transactions and data processing. I’ll secure your website and databases to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that could leave your payments or precious data open to exploitation, theft, or malicious code.

Ramp up eCommerce to encourage sales

Making your sales platform slick and easy-to-navigate isn’t difficult if you know how to do it right. I’ll help you get your eCommerce up and running in just minutes with simple instructions and expert guidance that will make selling your products a cinch.

Viral video marketing that grabs all the attention

Video marketing is the fastest way to get your brand seen so it’s crucial you get in on the action. Research has proved people are more likely to engage, comment or share video, but having great content doesn’t have to mean breaking your budget. Investing in this area will pay you back in dividends, by helping you spread your message to a wider audience and attract customers through new platforms.

Targetted hyper local marketing

If you want to grow, your base is where you want to start in order to lay the right foundations. Are you getting the most out of the area you’re located? Maximise your local placement by successfully using outreach to connect with customers on your doorstep. I’ll help you define your presence no matter where you are based, ensuring you build a solid reputation in your local area.

Targeted local marketing

If you want to grow, your base is where you want to start in order to lay the right foundations. Are you getting the most out of the area you’re based in? Maximise your local placement by successfully using outreach to connect with customers on your doorstep. I’ll help you define your presence no matter where you are based, ensuring you build a solid reputation in your local area.

Cutting edge link acquisition that will turbocharge your search ranking

Increasing the number and quality of inbound links through cutting edge content development and digital PR. My process is transparent, with screens of routes fully customizable, making them ideal for use in your commercial projects.

LinkedIn Recommendations

A selection of recommendations taken from my LinkedIn Profile

I worked with Brian at Value Match and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. was a pleasure to work with.

Alex Moses
Staffing Manager

I worked with Brian at Value Match and he is a dedicated and solutions-focused worker with a real passion for marketing and communicating effectively with audiences. His attention to detail is impressive, and he puts in long hours because his work is his passion. A real pleasure to work with and a great team player, always going above and beyond to help others in the company.

Martin Connolly
Creative Director

I can only describe Brian as a Good Samaritan who took it upon himself to help fix a strangers website. In the crazy times we are currently living in we need more people like him. Thanks again, really appreciate it!

Simon Newsome
Head of Creative

Brian engaged with me immediately after receiving an inmail from me and within minutes he was sharing his knowledge of marketing (and the plumbing market). We had never met before but he was more than happy to offer his experience to me. Very much appreciated and a big help at this early stage for me.

Nigel Eastham

I have had the pleasure of mentoring Brian over the last few years, even collaborating and working together on several freelance projects. I have found him to be highly knowledgeable within the world of SEO and digital marketing, along with having a keen interest in expanding his already vast technical knowledge. He is an extremely professional individual, has a keen attention to detail and is always enthusiastic about the task at hand. He would be a great addition to any team and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation.

Zarif Mohammed
Information Security Manager

I worked with Brian early on in his career and found him to be very attentive, enthusiastic and have a most personable demeanour. I have watched him grow and learn SEO and have seen the positive results his recommendations have brought companies. A pleasure to work with.

Spencer Barriball
Senior Specialised Full Stack Developer

Brian has provided fantastic marketing and sales support to my sales team.

Gareth Wing
Sales Manager

Brian is a professional and extremely competent individual whom I have had the pleasure of working with over the last 12 months. It is obvious he is conscientious in his duties and would be a great addition to any team.

Greg Hanson
Senior Sales Executive

Brian has provided unparalleled marketing and sales support whilst working with one another on the sale of motorhomes. Always being on hand to say the right things on e-mail to convert the customer.

Gavin Evenson
Motorhome Sales Executive

I added my name to the list of plumbers at Verify a Plumber and found lots of work in my local area. The site is very easy to navigate and has worked great for my plumbing and heating business

Thomas Parkes
MD & Engineer

Highly knowledgeable set-up our Google Adwords account and have contracted Brian several times since to optimise our campaign and landing pages. Thorough analysis of our Google Adwords campaigns and providing excellent advice and solutions to our problems.

Michelle Lane
Client Coordinator

Brian is super to deal with, knowledgeable on what he needs and open to ideas on the best way to get there. Cant recommend him highly enough.

Andy Kinsey
Senior SEO Consultant

Brian was outstanding in terms of scoping my seo project and delivered exactly what he proposed in terms of operations and the results were remarkable. I use brian as my preferred seo provide - you should too Rajeev

Rajeev Kistoo
Senior Marketing Manager
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