The working landscape has changed and this change has been driven in large by the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses were understanding the importance of change when it came to on-the-go remote working but the pandemic forced businesses into making the change at a faster rate and that resulted in the uptake of mobile working and the right devices that make that possible, such as the Samsung Tab S7+ and the Samsung S21 Ultra.

Remote Working with Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem

More people are now using mobile and tablets and they are becoming the preferred choice over desktops and laptops. This means that users require the correct setup that enables them to replicate their office setup and the desktop experience. Fortunately, the aforementioned Samsung devices can be paired up with Samsung Trio 500 and Samsung DeX to create a on-the-go remote working experience like no other, but what are the benefits of bringing these devices together?

The Samsung Trio 500 Enables Seamless Switching

We are all using more devices than ever before. Working on documents on our tablets while sending emails on our smartphones. This is where the Samsung Trio 500 really helps to make a difference. Switching between these devices manually can take time and disrupt workflows but users can connect the Samsung Trio 500 to three different devices at once. This provides simple pairing while switching between devices takes one click. This makes carrying out multiple tasking across several devices a seamless and efficient process.

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DeX Provides Familiarity

We are all familiar with the desktop experience and removing that can make it difficult for users to feel comfortable while working on tablets and smartphones. Fortunately, DeX makes it easier for users to feel more familiar while using the Samsung Tab S7+. At the push of a button, DeX can be launched and that will provide an interface that replicates a desktop machine, which means that apps are rearranged and easier to access while there is a toolbar with a notification tray that includes the usual information such as WiFi and battery life data.

Taking advantage of this will enable users to work on their mobile devices while on the move whilst still having the functionality and the freedom that a desktop setup offers.

Efficient Syncing

Another great feature for users on the move is the ability to use the S Pen to take notes. Whether the notes are taken on the S21 Ultra or the Tab S7+, they will sync across both devices and that helps users to save time when sharing notes and accessing them too. This is ideal for working on the move and taking notes quickly using the S21 Ultra with the understanding that they are readily accessible on the Tab S7+ once you return to the office.

A Familiar Setup that Provides Consistency

Using all of these Samsung devices provides users with consistency, simplicity and an ability to ensure that all devices connect and work together. This gives users confidence while working on the move as well reduce the issue of compatibility issues and connectivity problems. As the Trio 500, the Tab S7+ and the S21 Ultra all work together, users can simply plug and play and get to work, all of which helps to increase productivity.

So, all of this shows that this setup is designed to work together. Essentially, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to work on the Tab S7+ alone but that’s where the additional devices help to create a setup that simply works. With the ability to switch between devices using the Trio 500 and the introduction of DeX, it’s possible to become even more productive on the move.

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