Having been to numerous Google My Business listings over the festive period, I was astonished as to how many businesses didn’t update their Google My Business festive opening times.  Not only this, very few businesses were utilising their Google My Business posts feature.  In fact, there were a few businesses that weren’t utilising their free listing from Google, at all!

Optimise your Free Google My Business Listing

1) Post daily! As you should be posting content across the web, make Google My Business part of your content marketing strategy.  Post just as if you’d post on Facebook, Twitter among others. Post an image with your post to maximise visibility of said post. You can even add a button, fantastic as a CTA.  There is a varied choice of actions too.

  • Book
  • Order online
  • Buy
  • Learn more
  • Sign up
  • Call now

2) Utilise the events feature. Do you have an event coming up?  Utilise this feature from Google My Business to maximise the coverage of your event and find users that perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily find your event through other means. Open days are a fantastic way to welcome new consumers to your brand.

3) Post offers Consumers love an offer, if you’re running a special offer, post it to Google My Business.  Choose the time frames that the offer is available.  Post video or photos to make it stand out!

4) Add your products to Google My Business. Again, maximise the visibility by adding your products to Google My Business.

  • Add a photo
  • Add a category
  • Add a fixed price or a price range
  • Offer a product description
  • Add that CTA button.
    • Order online
    • Buy
    • Learn more
    • Get offer

5) Add as much detail as possible!  Make sure you add as much detail as possible to your Google My Business listing.

  • Pick the right category.
  • Be honest about your service area.
  • Add hours – update your hours over the festive period!
  • Add a link to your appointments / contact us page.
  • Add an indepth and unique description of your business.
  • Add photos – Hire a photographer and get unique, creative compositions of your business premises and products.

Hire a marketing consultant

Schedule a time to discuss your company’s unique situation with me and I’ll outline a plan to take you where you want to be. No matter your industry sector, I’ll use my expertise to help you win more custom and expand, so why not take the first step.

6) Reviews Set up your sales funnel to include asking for reviews at the end of the process. Reviews are so pivotal to earn more sales, brand awareness, and optimising and ranking for your business locally.  The stats demonstrate consumers are reading an average of 10 online reviews before making a purchase.  40% of consumers only take into account reviews written in the previous two weeks.  Keeping on-top of reviews and responding to them whether positive or negative is an important sales strategy.

7) Download the Google My Business App Download your Google My Business app to enable messaging. Allowing your consumer to message you directly.  Google My Business wants to ensure you’re keeping on-top of this yourself by removing this feature if you don’t respond to messages.  Download the app and enable this feature today.

8) Media! Upload photography and videography to your Google My Business listing.

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Interior & Exterior shots
  • Your business lifestyle images
  • Headshots and team photography
  • Your business logo (250×250)
  • Your Google My Business cover size (1080 x 608)

9) Build Citation Sources A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP). You can use websites like Yell.com and 192.com.  Similar to links back to your website, citation sources provide online authority to your business.  Did you update your opening hours over the festive period? From my own research not many businesses that I usually purchase from did!

Start optimising your Google My Business listing today, get in touch or call 07951703111 to arrange an appointment to take your Google My Business listing to the next level.

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